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Our Biggest Update Ever

The most powerful DotNetNuke Forms Module just added a world of new flexibility. This update is so big we got a little carpal tunnel syndrome, just typing up the list of new features. And these are not just filler features either. They're solid core features you can leverage to the hilt. 

You're going to love what we've packed inside. Come take a look...


What Is XMod Pro?

Better DNN Forms And Views with XMod Pro

Build DotNetNuke forms and views of your data in a completely customizable fashion. From a simple Contact form to a custom registration or login form to paged-views of your data, feeds, Excel exports, slideshows and more, you can probably build it with XMod Pro. Check out the video for an introduction.

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Introducing XMod Pro Module Kits

A library of free XMod Pro solutions, techniques, examples, and demos, to get your project started quickly. 

Every day, our customers around the world are using XMod Pro to build an incredibly varied portfolio of  DotNetNuke solutions for themselves and their clients. Whether you're building a simple contact form, a news article management system, or something more complex, we've developed these Module Kits to give you a jump-start on your next project and, more importantly, as an educational tool. Feel free to take apart these kits and see how they're put together. Then, use those techniques in your own XMod Pro solutions.

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The Knowledge Base Is Open

In an effort to provide our customers with more efficient ways of getting answers to their questions, we've setup a Knowledge Base. Fed by the community as well as ourselves, our goal is for the Knowledge Base to become the first stop our customers make when they're looking for answers.

Visit and Contribute to the Knowledge Base

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I Applaud You

Thanks Kelly, Got it working. I applaud you for you hard work and persistence. You are an asset to this community.

from: Robert Bravery

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